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Takalani Foundation connects with Africa

Takalani Foundation is please to announce that its Founder and President, Mr Rendani Mamphiswana, is invited to attend this year’s ‘Leading in Public Life Young African Leaders Programme’. The programme is held in the University of Cape Town’s Graduate School of Development Policy and Practice. The event is under the theme: Inclusive Governance – Promoting

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Information age impacts learning processes

The recent past dictates that your innate and acquired knowledge combined makes you distinctive from your peers. However, the emergence of information age and knowledge economy challenge this pole of argument. It is no longer enough to simply know things around you more than your peers. How quick you learn and apply that which you have

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The Double L

I am sold that leadership is about moving people from HERE to THERE. It is about moving people from their current realities to future better realities. You will find it hard to accomplishment this without love. A big vision will not help you. No amount of education will help you.

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Preparing the team for the year ahead

This past weekend we had our first team building session. Half of the core team attended. A variety of games were played, all in an attempt to build a winning team. With all the eating, we also went for a jog, cultivating a healthy living culture. Below are some of

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Getting the New Year started

Last week we visited our target schools in Limpopo. In total we will be working with 4 Secondary Schools and 5 Primary Schools. Below are some of the photos taken during the visits.

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good to GREAT

By Jim Collins ” Good is the enemy of best.” – Steve R. Covey. This book is about two themes : Moving from good to GREAT. Enduring the GREATNESS for the long. This is applicable to any type of organization. From schools, churches, governments, societies and private companies. To achieve

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