Our Speakers – Selebogo “DrLifesGud” Molefe

Selebogo, a father of 2 beautiful princesses commonly called Lebo is a social entrepreneur who’s a marketer at heart. As the founder of The Hookup Dinner (THUD) together with strong collaborative teams, he has the opportunity to engage youth across Africa & UK on entrepreneurship, building teams, sustainability, personal & enterprise development.

THUD focuses on building a culture of youth entrepreneurship through:

– community (networking events)
– education (customized learning programs)
– investments (grants & crowdfunding)

All the listed above are driven through membership and monthly networking meetups across different cities.

There’s also the bean bag business (B2B) which specializes in creating comfortable spaces that drive creativity & innovative thinking. We produce about 10k units per annum which are sold to resellers.

Connect with him: @DrLifesgud

On 8 July, Selebogo will share with us some of the possible ways on how we could navigate towards a preferred and brighter future for South Africa through Start-Ups.

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