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                                       Takalani Foundation’s Mashudu Rammela interacting with learners

A special career day held in Zwithuzwavhudi Secondary School on 23 September 2017, just outside Thohoyandou, gave learners a chance to ask professionals from different fields of study some career related questions.

More than 350 learners from Luphai, Zwithuzwavhudi and Guvhukuvhu Secondary Schools took part in the successful event spearheaded by Takalani Foundation.

Zwithuzwavhudi Secondary School’s principal, Ndivhaleni Siaga was full of praises for Takalani Foundation’s initiative during his official opening of the function. “This is a great initiative and hopefully will help our learners realise their dreams. Keep on impacting life.” Siaga said.

Through this function, Takalani Foundation sought to equip learners with the necessary information that would enable them to make informed career choices and tap into other opportunities in the post-school education and training space.

Information on fields of study, study opportunities, bursaries, and self-empowerment was provided. As a way of motivating learners to read so as to broaden their knowledge, Takalani Foundation donated books to most of the learners on the day.

The function was characterised by speakers from various fields such as business, engineering, marketing, communications law and science. Amongst guests who were present were Rendani Tshiwalule from U-Power Africa and Karabo Mulungwa who is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in Thohoyandou.

Takalani Foundation’s president, Rendani Mamphiswana was quick to acknowledge that the future of learners in South Africa is in our hands as a collective, from different corners.

“It is our collective responsibility to ensure that our learners do better in their studies. I just find it peculiar when majority of people are obsessed with issues of matric results improvement while slight attention is given to career guidance. I am glad that as Takalani Foundation, we have identified trajectories through which we can help our learners to do better – thus guiding them properly on what they should do in order for them to achieve their academic goals.” Mamphiswana said.

Rendani Tshiwalule’s talk got everyone nodding. He highlighted how difficult life was for him when growing up and how it is today as he has achieved his goals through dedication.

“I grew up in a family where there was no proper house. It was just a muddy house without a door. We could use a plastic to close the house. It was so painful. I never had any shoe to school, let alone a proper school uniform. Against all odds, I have done my part. I passed my matric and graduated from the University of Johannesburg. Today, I am an engineer. I built my mother a beautiful house. I have achieved my goals today. You can achieve everything when you want. Work hard so that you defeat poverty that most of you are trapped in today.” Tshiwalule said.

Learners were so ecstatic and promised to do their best in their studies. Ompha Novhela said: “I am so grateful for what Takalani Foundation has done for us. I am a changed person and promise to study hard so that I better my tomorrow.”


Takalani Foundation Team



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