Takalani Foundation Fundraising Gala Dinner: Ms. Mokgadi Mabela – Saturday, 5 May 2018


Takalani Foundation strives to associate with thought leaders of our time, men and women who are movers and shapers of our society, men and women who recognize uncertainties yet are leading us to a preferred future, men and women shifting our thinking to see opportunities located around us, in our villages, communities and townships.


In the upcoming fundraising gala dinner, on Saturday 5 May 2018, under the theme “Innovation for Social Impact“, we are hosting Ms. Mokgadi Mabela.

Mokgadi Mabela is a young, black female farmer and entrepreneur from Polokwane, and the founder of Native Nosi.

The legacy of bee keeping started with her grandfather who was a crop and livestock farmer who kept a few beehives on his farm to pollinate his crop. Her father formerly took up beekeeping, which he still runs to date.

Upon completing her BA in International Relations from the University of Pretoria, Mokgadi continued the family beekeeping legacy in 2015 by starting Native Nosi, which specializes in the production of quality, pure, raw South African Honey through the management of 360 beehives.

The legacy continues, and it aims to produce the highest quality of honey and to alleviate bigger agricultural problems facing South Africa as follows:

Ensure food security through crop pollination; Alleviate the global bee population decline; Alleviate poverty through job creation and establishing rural beekeepers; Provide rural bee-keepers with access to urban markets; Preserve biodiversity (fona and flora) and the entire eco-system value chain; Decrease the import ratio of honey into South Africa which is currently more than 50%.

To hear more, please come join us and interact with Ms. Mabela.

Date: Saturday, 05 May 2018

Time: 17:00 – 21:00

Charge: R645

Venue: Conference 1, Bunting Road Campus, University of Johannesburg

To RSVP and pay, please click here

If you are not able to attend, please pledge a minimum of R50.

For more information, please call Mr Rendani Mamphiswana on 084 495 0128 or email rendanim@takalanifoundation.org.

Thank You for the support.

Takalani Foundation Team



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