good to GREAT

By Jim Collins

” Good is the enemy of best.” – Steve R. Covey.

This book is about two themes :

  1. Moving from good to GREAT.
  2. Enduring the GREATNESS for the long.

This is applicable to any type of organization. From schools, churches, governments, societies and private companies.

To achieve theme #1, Jim and team’s research outcome is depicted on the photo top of the page:

  1. Disciplined People
    • Level 5 Leadership
    • First Who…Then What
  2. Disciplined Thought
    • Confront the brutal facts
    • Hedgehog concept
  3. Disciplined Action
    • A culture of discipline
    • Technology accelerators

In that order and all three must be present, in order to move from good to GREAT. It does not work to have disciplined thought with the wrong people in the team. It will not work to have disciplined action on thoughts not fitting to an organization.

My highlight here is technology as accelerators. The authors put a compelling case regarding aligning technology to business concept, not the other way around. Most are quick to jump to new technologies in fear of being left behind.

Not all technologies are fit for your business.

To achieve them #2 :

  1. The flywheel and the doom loop
  2. From good to GREAT to Build to Last

It is not enough to build momentum and the stop. The challenge here is to build organizations that perform for a long time. It starts with having the right leader,  a leader with a legacy mindset. 

The following is the 3rd last paragraph of the last chapter:

Perhaps your quest to be part of building something great will not fall in your business life. But find it somewhere. If not in corporate life, then perhaps in making your church great. If not there, then perhaps in nonprofit, or a community organization, or a class you teach. Get involved in something that you care so much about that you want to make it the greatest it can possibly be, not because of what you will get, but because it can be done.

While reading this book, I could not help but remember books by Simon Sinek and Sir Ken Robinson. They talk about finding your WHY and being in YOUR ELEMENT. It is only when your WHY is clear and hot, and you are in your ELEMENT that you can begin to move from good to GREAT.

By Rendani Mamphiswana

Takalani Foundation Team



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